Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness, also called Androgenetic alopecia, is the leading type of hair loss in Males. Up to 70% of males will be affected by this condition during their lifetime. 50% of this figure before the age of 50 years old. Male pattern baldness is genetic in part, environmental factors play a roll yet many etiologies or causes still remain unknown. Typical characteristics of Androgenetic alopecia in males start at the temples located at the sides of the head behind the eyes and the calvaria (skull cap) of the scalp. As it progresses the hair loss pattern usually recedes and thins out through the crown and at full extent total baldness of this area. The sides and lower back of the head normally remain unaffected by Androgenetic alopecia.

Image of typical Male Pattern Baldness Path

Image of typical Male Pattern Baldness Path

Every healthy strand of hair sits in a tiny hole or cavity in the skin called a follicle. Every hair goes through 3 stages of life, first being the Anagen phase followed by the Catagen phase and lastly the Talogen phase. The Anagen phase is when a new hair is produced in a Hair follicle. It is connected to a bulb in the follicle and to blood supply. The second catagen phase is where the hair shaft grows upward eventually detaching itself from the bulb and blood supply. The final Talogen phase is where the hair has reached its fullest size and is erect in the follicle protruding out above the skins surface. In this stage the hair will eventually shed or fall out. The hair growth cycle will then resume. Baldness in general occurs when the hair follicle shrinks over time, resulting in shorter and finer hair. Eventually the 3 stages of hair growth in the effected area do not resume.

There are many ways you can deal with Male pattern baldness, both surgical and non surgical. A large group of our clients that have experienced Male pattern baldness have sought help for the condition surgically and or from medication. All have varying degrees of results and all want the same solution when they come to the shadow clinic, a higher hair count density. We offer a non-surgical, drug free, scar free and immediate hair loss replacement solution using a scalp micro pigmentation treatment. Our revolutionary treatment allows us to mimic hair follicles in the hair loss area to build up the look of hair density.