Scalp Micro Pigmentation Hair loss Solution

Hair loss Solution – Ready Set Go

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Looking for a Hair Loss Solution? Do you already have a Hair Loss Solution? Are you happy with your current Hair Loss Solution or are you ready to forget about daily maintenance of grooming and applying your wig. Are you through with wasting time and money applying micro fibres to your existing hair for density. Do you want to swim, run and be totally active without worry. Do you want to stop stressing over how your daily routines might effect your current Hair Loss Solution. If you do then our Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedures might be your next step. Here at The Shadow Clinic we promise our Hair Loss Solution procedures will give you more freedom to be active in confidence. By the time you walk in and out of our rooms with your newly restored head of hair look it will be as fast as Ready Set Go. This amazing Hair Loss Solution is Scalp Micro pigmentation.  A detailed process where pigments are put directly into the skins dermal layer to mimic the natural appearance of real hair follicles. The treatment looks best when any existing hair is kept at a buzzed or shaved length.  The look is soft, natural and realistic. For sufferers of male pattern baldness and alopecia our scalp micro pigmentation treatments are an effective cosmetic Hair Loss Solution. Whether you are thinning, receding or completely bald scalp micro pigmentation can give you the appearance of a full head of hair. The Shadow Clinic technique is surgical free, scar free, drug free and wig free. Visual results of our Hair loss procedure are immediate. After just one treatment clients can leave our clinic sporting their new head of hair look. With minimal down time clients can get back to work, be out socializing or doing what really matters in no time.