What is the best length to wear my hair with SMP?

This is a great question. Our priority is for our treatment to look natural and the blend from real hair follicles into SMP to be seamless and undetectable. Most of our clients use an electric beard face shaver or razor to cut their hair. This gets your existing hair on back and sides at the perfect length to blend into SMP. If you still have some hair left on top then you can wear your hair at a longer length with clippers.

Why do I need 2-3 treatments?

Our treatment is a process of 2-3 treatments. With each treatment as the dots heal they shrink in size resulting in tiny gaps between each. 2nd and 3rd treatments are to go over these gaps as well as adding another layer creating a 3 dimensional appearance. Our 2-3 treatments are required to create our super soft natural hair line appearance.

Can I meet any prior clients with your treatments?

Yes you can! This is very important and highly recommended. There is nothing better than seeing our treatment for real face to face. We are very proud to be able to offer prior clients in every major city throughout Australia,  New Zealand and Manchester UK for meet ups. These clients do not work for us, they just love sharing their story and of course show how good they look.

Why is it so important to research this treatment?

As with everything that becomes more known more clinics start to attempt our treatment. If this treatment is performed with incorrect pigments, needles and equipment the results can be a disaster and a life long regret. This can leave you with devastating results and not at all what you were expecting and deserve. Experience and face to face meetings are paramount. We are very proud in the believe of having the longest track record in performing SMP in Australia & New Zealand delivering World class results.

How long does it last?

Our SMP treatment is classed as permanent. Generally around the 3-5+ years mark you may notice some slight fading of your scalp pigmentation. You can then come in for a small touch up treatment. The slight fading that may occur is very minimal.

Does scalp micro pigmentation hurt?

Everyone’s pain threshold varies. Most people feel a light vibrating or minimal pricking sensation. All care is taken to ensure our clients are comfortable throughout the entire treatment.  Again the SMP treatment sensation varies, some clients have fallen asleep during!

How long does an SMP treatment take?

You will require 2-3 treatments. Each of your treatments can take anywhere from 2-5 hours. It just depends on how big an area we are treating.

What will I look like immediately after my SMP treatment?

You will have a Hairline! The head is usually slightly tender at touch with some inflammation or redness that will subside within 2-3 days. The Pigmentation will look a little darker for up to 7 days then will become lighter and softer as the skins natural healing process takes place.

What happens when I start turning grey?

Because of our pigments and treatment technique used the colour will fade over the years to light charcoal colour. One thing to realise for grey hair is after you shaved it your natural hair follicles will appear darker.

Will the pigments used change colour?

Our pigments do not contain blues or greens. They do not contain iron oxide. Our pigments have been tested and proven for Scalp Pigmentation, stay true to their colour and hold shape. Over the years you may notice some slight fading. Our pigments will only fade to a lighter colour that was originally used. Take advantage of our “Prior Client Meet Ups” Meet up with some of our prior client’s and see for yourself.

How long do I need in between each SMP treatment?

With the 2-3 treatments you receive you need a minimum 7 days in-between each for healing. This is so the skin can naturally heal itself and pigment to settle. Most of our clients have 1 week healing between 1st and 2nd treatments and then a longer period before the 3rd treatment if required.

How much will my treatment cost?

Cost of treatment depends on the area requiring SMP. It can be priced between $1000-$3000. Your quotation will be divided into the 3 treatments so you only pay as you receive treatment. For our New Zealand  customers we offer a 12 month interest free finance option subject to approval. Pricing differs for scar camouflage and alopecia, consultations for quotations are free of charge.

Is there any aftercare considerations after Treatment?

At the completion of treatment you are provided with an after care form and aftercare crème. It is important to follow The Shadow Clinic aftercare recommendations. Some important factors immediately post treatment are as follows:

  • Avoid heavy sweeting for 4-5 days post.
  • Avoid direct sunlight upon the area for 12 days post treatment, after this time application of sunblock SPF30 is recommended.
  • No swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water for 12 days post.
  • No Hair cutting, shaving or clipper cut for 4-5 days post.

What happens at your consultations?

Customer consults usually take 15-30 minutes and are free of charge. All consults are held by the practitioner whom will perform your treatment. Consults are specifically scheduled on a time where you can cross paths and meet an existing Shadow Clinic customer. Treatment plan is discussed and any questions can be answered.

Where are our Clinics?

We have Shadow Clinics based in Sydney, Canberra, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill, Tauranga, Auckland and Manchester UK. All our clinics are purpose build for SMP treatments. Scalp Micro Pigmentation is all we do :) You can call or email any clinic directly so you get to talk directly to the technician that will be changing your life! We offer free consultation and non obligation quotations and assessments.