Hair Tattoo Auckland


Looking to overcome gradual baldness? Are you seeking something to restore the confidence that left with your hair? Are you tired of all the tricks and techniques advertised on television? Well, at The Shadow Clinic we believe we have the answer to all your concerns and your loss of hair. Located right in the heart of Auckland city, we’re excited to introduce you to the revolutionary new hair tattoo Auckland. Known as Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP), we specialise in this incredible treatment that enables us to replicate your actual hair follicles with our advanced Micro cosmetic tattoo technique. Instead of undergoing multiples treatments with no guaranteed success, our SMP treatment offers you a hassle free solution with realistic results. Not only that, but our clients have the appearance of a full head of hair after the very first treatment. How amazing is that? With visible results after the very first session, you can get on with your life with the confidence that comes with a full head of hair. What better reason than to get a hair tattoo Auckland?

Our ecstatic customers might walk in suffering from baldness, but when they leave it is with a ‘shaved’ or ‘buzzed’ style haircut that is ideal for men in today’s society. After our hair tattoo Auckland men are able to confidently walk around looking like they have a headful of healthy thick hair follicles. As if this isn’t enough, the SMP treatment is non-surgical, drug and scar free and immediate. And when we say immediate, we mean it… our clients literally walk out of the clinic after their first treatment with a hairline.

Wondering how we are able to give you a realistic look that matches your own personal hair? I mean, everyone has their own unique type of hair right? At The Shadow Clinic we understand the uniqueness of an individual’s hair. So during our treatment application, we utilise a wide range of needle groups so that we can find the perfect match for your natural hair density. Our talented experts are trained to use different penetration depths, needle angles and distribution settings so they can imitate every single individual hair follicle just as it would appear. It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, at The Shadow Clinic we have you covered with our hair tattoo Auckland!

Here at The Shadow Clinic, not only do we pride ourselves on being able to replicate the exact style of your hair follicles, but we can even go a step further and match your exact hair colour. Using state of the art premium solutions, we use specialized pigments to mimic your hair follicles. The versatility and top performance of these specialized pigments enable us to achieve a pigment colour that matches your own natural hair colour when styled at a short or buzzed cut length. How is that for elite hair tattoo Auckland? Not only that, but to guarantee you get the best possible outcome, we ensure that our delivery equipment is the absolute best technology has to offer. Produced in Germany, world renown for leading the field in Micro Pigmentation modalities for Microscalp pigmentation, our equipment is at the very pinnacle of the field.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us at The Shadow Clinic and book your session, so we can give you the confidence and head of hair you deserve.